A Messy Day

An Ordinary Day?

By Maria G. Peth PhD


Recently, I experienced one of those times when a person can either become frantic or ride out the current of the ensuing challenge. It was a nearly perfect June day and I was driving to a family reunion five hours from home. About three hours into the drive I started to feel anxious, and a thought arises: “Something out of the ordinary is about to happen.” Instead of giving into worry, I say a prayer and commence by stating, “For the highest good for all concerned.” A few miles later, I stop to pick up other family members, and moments later the car is packed for our final destination. Excited about seeing extended family and wanting to beat the potentially heavy late afternoon traffic, we turn the key to start the car and the engine simply clicked and died.

Reluctantly we exit the vehicle and begin to collaborate our efforts to determine what might be wrong with the car. Perhaps we need a jump-start? And so begins one of those moments when frustration begins to rear its ugly head, and all family members are struggling to maintain a calm composure. Before anyone of us can begin a tirade of explicit words, a friendly neighbor appears, jumper cables are proffered and if needed, a recommendation for a trusted local service station,

Optimistically, we allow the cable to run a charge, but the engine barely groaned. Bummer! As it happens, we had another car and so begrudgingly, we begin to unload and repack the other vehicle. Meanwhile, I maintain prayers for a miracle, asking for the highest good of all concerned. Instantly a knowing feeling of being protected by angels filled me with peace as I reached for my phone to call Triple AAA to tow my car to the local service station.

Thirty minutes later, we are safely back on the road and shortly after the service station calls to notify us that the seven-year-old car battery needs replacement. A potentially bigger fiasco was revealed as the service station found the front brake pads to be worn thin and needing immediate replacement. Thankful to be protected by God’s angels, we find that a few minutes down the road we are rerouted, as we have missed a bad accident, which occurred on the very highway we would have been on about a half hour prior, had we not had engine troubles.

This is definitely a story of miss-happenings. Instead of feeling like a victim, I chose to focus on the elements of wonder and maintained a hopeful outlook. I believe the power of prayer and intuitive awareness, saved my family’s life and me this past weekend. What could have been a much worse situation, turned out to be a blessing, heck – a miracle!

Indeed, how did I know?

Clairsentience or clear feeling is a natural emotional intelligence. Clear knowing is an inner wisdom, an innate understanding. In this situation it was expressed as a feeling of “anxiety” which sometimes floods the body, in a clear contradiction to the relaxed moments in a beautiful day. This subtle, yet unsettling emotion is a frequency or vibration we are all capable of feeling which comes from somewhere beyond the five physical senses. Prior to the actual event and complications with my car, there was nothing in my environment to create the feeling of anxiety. One way of understanding that the impressions and intuition are real is to notice the contrast. One minute you are good and the next you feel a bit of foreboding.

We all have an energetic connection with our heavenly angels at all times. They are always watching out for us. Simply open your heart and soul to their guidance, and allow the subtle energy to support you in the many avenues of life. Pay attention to your gut reaction and when you feel uneasy, pray for the highest good, as this will create a stream of miracles we can never underestimate. Equally as important, choose to see the underlining lesson or blessing in a situation and look beyond the current frustration you may be feeling. Living more joyfully begins with a positive spin and perception in all you do and are.

Maria Gurney Peth PhD, is an author, soul coach, and spiritual teacher. To discover more about clairsentience and the other super senses, read Maria’s first book; “Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with the Angels”, Balboa Press, 2013. www.MariaPeth.com


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