A Dose of Love!

Now is the perfect time to practice radiating loving intentional energy. In fact this is a process each of us needs in order to assimilate the NEW energy the NEW earth is now receiving, as we humans upgrade and shift from 3D to 4D to 5D existence. What is all this 5th dimensional talk about? It is about helping our Earth and its inhabitants to shift to a better vibrational frequency so we can all live more like true brothers and sisters of the light.

It’s magical and playful to imagine a loving, grateful and healing energy to yourself, others, and even to the whole world. As difficult as this may seem, every journey begins with one tiny step in the direction of LOVE.

Self love and care are important at this time, this is why many of us are nudged to go deeper within and clear out old wounds. Working through our deepest challenges requires self awareness and willingness. Whether you do this for yourself, or the world it all starts with your vibe, your frequency, with is the same as your energy.

Here is a recipe for expanding your love frequency:

To begin, align to a loving positive emotion such as gratitude: for life, family, friends, or your day. Fill your heart with soulful awareness and expand this “state of being” to your entire mind, body and spirit. Remain here in this “state” for a minute, five minutes or an hour, whichever you are able to comfortably sustain. A guided meditation or listening to 528 hz frequency music will enhance your efforts.

Next, add multiple doses of love from your memory bank, often some of our favorite memories can bring us to a state of true happiness, joy, and even laughter. The more powerful the memories the more we will naturally warm the heart and increase your vibrational frequency. Again, sustain this state for one minute or … however long you can.

Lastly, sprinkle in a spoonful of faith by adding a prayer, or invoke your favorite angel. Maintain this grateful, joyful sustained practice for as long as you are able to embrace this powerful loving energy. It is a “practice”, and practice requires intentional effort on a regular basis.

This is just one recipe for supporting and healing from a challenge, a heartache, or a death of of a loved one. Don’t make it a chore, the miracle is in it’s authenticity. This is a practice of filling our humanness with grace and sovereignty with the light, and love of God. This ability, this gift to humanity rests beautifully within the authentic self, the true you, it is the sparkle in the core of your being.

All my love,


Enjoy Angelic U Podcast with Maria Peth (Link below)


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