The Power of Prayer

So often one may feel helpless in the face of problems and issues, especially regarding others. Sometimes we can offer direct support and assistance and see tangible outcomes, but at other times we are at a loss of how to really help. It is true that sometimes our good intentions are appreciated and at other time it is interfering. Yes, our direct support can be distracting to others, or even overwhelming.

I am reminded of the times when I was helping my teenage children to learn to drive. I carefully strapped on my seatbelt, smiled and said a prayer aloud. Even tho my child was rolling their eyes at my attempt to call upon God for protection, I knew how important the intention was, and even how much more valuable the example of reaching to heaven in prayer was for my child to witness. The driving lesson continued with prompts and reminders in as calm voice and manner, which I could muster. When the driving lesson was over, the appreciation and mark of accomplishment was evident upon the face of new driver.

Was I tempted to take over the wheel? At moments, yes. However, the best method of learning is by doing. So is it for some of the really tough times we each face, and live through. Sometimes we can use a bit of prompting, and redirection but mostly we can use an ally, a supporter, someone praying for us, believing in us and letting us feel our way.

Prayer is so very powerful, such a great cheer for success, love, care, healing, joy, forgiveness, and hope. A prayer sends heaven, God, angels and saints out to support the cause, issue or person. God can offer so much more than you and I can. Science has even proof of the power of prayer.

“Researchers in California started out with about 400 patients recovering from heart problems. Half the patients received prayers (from a distance), the other half didn’t. Nobody in either group was told there was any praying going on.

According to Dr. Dale Matthews, a professor at Georgetown Medical School, those patients who were the targets of prayer had half as many complications and they had a lower rate of congestive heart failure than the patients who were not prayed for.”

I pray that all of you are well, that God’s light is shining on you and your families, that you laugh many times today and see the glory of our Creators light in all that you do. Enjoy the Irish blessing on video.

Maria Peth is a writer, teacher, Certified Angel therapist and Intuitive life coach.

One thought on “The Power of Prayer

  1. Wonderful writing Maria. Thank you. I just happen to be teaching my youngest of three sons how to drive right now. It has been seven years since the last and the traffic seems way more intense here. I appreciate the story and advice. I have surely seen the wonders of prayer. Every day. Bless you this holiday! Suzanne

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