Meditation & Deep Breathing; equals Benefits

If you are like me, a few minutes of peace is a big boost to any day. Often I need to make time for centering and peaceful self care. The benefits of several deep diaphragmatic breaths completed without distractions is just as beneficial as holding the same time and space for a longer meditation session.

A deep breath can immediately relieve stress, which leads to a deeper level of relaxation.

A deep breath will reduce and often eliminate an anxiety attack, while naturally lowering your respiration.

A complete oxygen exchanging, belly filling breath can lower your heart rate and successfully lower your blood pressure if practiced daily.

A concentrated breath of fresh oxygen can decrease pain and redirect our focus toward a more harmonic mindset.

Of course it goes without saying that the new supply of oxygen which comes from a deep breath and a calm body, will boost your brain power and help lift your mood and happiness gage.

Research has shown how meditation can increase the activity of ‘natural-killer cells’, destroying bacteria, funguses, parasites and cancer cells.

After several deep breaths and holding a meditative posture, children have been proven to score higher on cognitive tests and show longer levels of concentration.

Being still in the quiet of your mind, will improve your ability to connect with the God source, your soul and the beauty of the Universe.

So be still today, if only for 10 minutes and breathe deeply while pushing away the busy thoughts from the day. Sitting up with feet planted flat on the floor and your head pointing to the heavens, center on your breath, a beautiful word or a happy memory. Let your mind go blank, just focus on your breath, word, or vision. Do not expect something, just be.

Enjoy the calm. 

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