Finding Peace Within

My mother once said, she feared that I would leave to some far away land and go into hibernation in my search of enlightenment. I find this really humorous for two reasons. One, she left her homeland of Brazil to find America, the place of her dreams. She rarely looked back, and never regretted her choice. Two, I know the essence of ones soul and true enlightenment is not somewhere outside ourselves.

It is both important and phenomenal when the realization finely comes that one cannot find, purchase, or cheat in order to have happiness and peace. It is truly a mindset, a practice, an understanding. In proof of such, consider the current youth of our time whom; in the United States appear to have more “stuff” than the youth of other nations. Yet, America is subject to an incredibly high number of young people whom have committed the very destruction of their own beautiful bodies, let alone their soul; taking their lives by act of suicide.

So many ask, why? It seems clear that we need to support our children in coming to a better mindset regarding the state of their lives. Help them to realize a larger focus of community and of love. It is imperative that we support our youth in loving, caring, compassionate ways, and teach them to offer the same to others.  Let’s have a real old fashion heart to heart conversation. Let’s spend some time laughing, crying and listening to and with young people.  Let’s help them to appreciate who they are in whatever part of the journey of life they are in. Let us teach, practice and mentor them toward contentment and inner peace.

We have all gone through moments, I mean “moments” when the world appeared to be unfriendly, cold, hard, and we were ashamed. The moments pass and we are on our way to new challenges, opportunities, and mystery. Take the time to help a young person through a hard, cold, unfriendly moment. Listen to their troubles, really listen and do not judge or discredit their feelings. Help them to appreciate the hardship as a hill on the journey of life. A hill, which grows them into stronger, forms. Teach them by example, to build supportive relationships with one another.

Help a child to see that they are wonderful, creative and loved. Help a child to know that within them is the very essence of creation. Help them to see that they can embrace their difference, their sameness and their quirky self and know that they are someone worthy of life; worthy of love. Remember the same is true for you.

We are all so very fragile when we see only our loneliness. Yet, when we embrace the unity of the light within each of us we come to realize we are never alone, we have one another, and we share the light of God. This love within is what has enlightened me, this passion to look at another individual and see that they are beautiful, even when they act out, are disrespectful or seeming to be mean or cruel.

Choose to see that others who are currently unfriendly or unforgiving toward you may be acting on some reflection of their own inner conflict or personal turmoil. Choose to not take their behavior personally, instead pray for resolution and with a listening, caring; forgiving heart find inner peace. We cannot change others, only ourselves. Choose the mindset of peace.

We are all here on the Earth school, to learn and practice these lessons. Listen and care for others, show compassion in what you do, practice forgiveness, and reach out everyday to love someone, everyone.  I choose to see that there is Christ in each of us, and then I know that if all are so very precious, then all deserve unlimited consideration and unconditional love.  Reach out, communicate, and listen to youth, to a friend to a family member. Practice compassion, in spite of and for yourself.

I have traveled to other lands, but not to hibernate in search of enlightenment, rather to appreciate the beauty of our world, the variety of customs and to enjoy time with others.  I have found that all people of our world truly are one network of connected and creative energy searching for peace, love and harmony. Know what? Peace is already within you waiting to be discovered. The world will never reach peace until each of us has established inner peace.

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. ~ Robert Muller

Maria Peth is a teacher, certified Angel Therapist, and writer. Connect with her by e-mail: or at her private office in Waverly, Iowa: Angelic Enlightenment.

4 thoughts on “Finding Peace Within

  1. “We are all so very fragile when we see only our loneliness”….oh my. What a ‘heavy’ truth.
    This is a beautiful and thoughtful post, Maria.
    Thank you.

  2. Just read Finding Peace Within and it was like I was meant to read that tonight after the difficult day I had. It can be so challenging to maintain poise when people are cruel or passive aggressive. Thank you Maria for helping me get back into touch with my inner peace.

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