Angel Decoder- calling on Angels

Angels are you with me?

Angels are you with me? Angels are you there? In my lonesome moments I whisper to the air.

Angels come surround me, help me through despair, shine your light upon me let me know you’re here.

When the sadness fills me, when my heart is bare, please come to my side and murmur in my ear.

Share your light and sparkle, lift my hollow soul, sprinkle love within me and bring me to discern.

When the lost are weary, when the brave are down, let us know your presence in mind, and sight and sound.

Bring us your messages; share your loving light, wrap your essence around us, and comfort will be found.

Guardians of people, Gods messengers divine, I see you, I feel you, I know you are mine.

Angels are you with us? Angels are you there? Speaking softly to my soul I found your presence here. 

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