Blessings, Love & Gratitude!

As a child I recall my Brazilian grandmother often placing her hand on my head and gently making the sign of a small cross on my forehead before I floated off to dream land. She was blessing me and asking God to keeping me safe. This tradition is common to the Roman Catholics in Latin countries. The blessing is a comforting nurturing sign of love. I felt love very deeply then and still imagine it now when I need a nurturing embrace.

Giving & sharing a  blessing with others is a way to honor all that God has afforded us. When we are in a state of gratitude their is no room for despair. Stay focused on the light in your life. Place your loving hands on others and bless their way. Support your soul with daily doses of gratitude in order to stay healthy, positive and centered.

During this lenten season, consider making a change toward self improvement and spiritual growth. Consider these precious 40 days as a journey of love and blessings. See the path ahead lined with possibilities and flood your soul with gratitude and love. A positive change can bring you blessings abound.

Bless you all today and always!

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