Attract Love! Live Vibrantly!

529102_392292597450711_204136819599624_1603396_66933226_n Living in this world at the current time is about discovering our interconnection and the positive effects of our loving consciousness. Love, compassion, joy, happiness, delight, gratitude are all energetic-high frequency energies. These are the emotions which translate to a more abundant and amazing life. You have a choice to switch your frequency to the vibration of love and all of its components at any time. Even when those around you are totally consumed in low emotional vibrations of fear, anger, frustration, greed, or jealousy.

When you feel any of these low vibes creep into your beautiful world-chase them away! One strategy for shifting is to look at your watch and allow 90 seconds to pass and you will find the low emotion has also passed. Changing your physiology, such as moving your body is another powerful strategy to getting past negetive unwanted emotions.

Choose to shift to vibrant living:

  • Remember to play!
  • Dance, even a little jig will do!
  • Sing, hum, vocalize, harmonize!
  • laugh, giggle, smile!
  • Pray, meditate, breathe deeply!
  • Enjoy intimate connections!
  • Contribute positively to others!

You can change your life in a minute or less, if you will remember that only love is real; those lesser emotions are not you. Be in the flow of constant positive energy. Follow the guidance of your heart, go confidently into the graceful state of attracting love in every moment of your life. Then, stand back and watch the miracles of your love multiply ~creating a vibrant fulfilling life.


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