10 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels

Here’s a peek at some content from my forthcoming

Kindle book!391891_306308696058465_100000380114515_1023296_741484674_n

Angel Decoding

10 Keys to Communicating with your Angels

#1. Love: express love, feel love, be loved, know love, reflect love, embrace love.

#2. Prayer, devotion and meditation are the groundwork of success.

#3. Learning to read the messages of divine consciousness requires good learning habits and practice.

#4. Faith is to know truth without understanding how you know.

#5. It’s not about you! Angel communication is about embracing purpose & seeing the grander vision of your mission as a soul.

#6. Answers to your prayers begin with prayer, faith, trust & practice.

#7.Heavenly angels always communicate through the high vibration of love. They want all the glory to go to God & are themselves a gift from God.

#8. The longer we are able to hold a positive thought & emotion, the more powerful the energy of the emotion becomes.

#9. To obey the logic of your soul is the only path you need. You are masterful beyond knowing, you only need to heed the music of your heart.

#10. Angelic messages are always encouraging, consistent, and never hurtful. Angels will work to send you the same important message or answers you are seeking in many forms.

8 thoughts on “10 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels

  1. Beautiful – and so clearly and concisely stated! It is a set of wonderful goals to work toward – every minute of every day! Thanks for all you do, Maria!

  2. Dear Maria,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words about numbers and the ten steps to communicating with your angels. 615 keeps coming to me… ironically it is also my birthday!

  3. Can’t wait to have the book in my possesion! I frequently receive great inspirational & love-centered messages from maria. Bless you as you finish your book. Mary Anne Braden

  4. Thank you Maria, I have experienced sensations & other experiences. Its good to hear that it is ok for these episodes to happen, and that they come to us through love and prayer.

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