Know your Angels

 ImageAngel Decoding: Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels, By Maria Gurney Peth PhD.

“A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have never met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

– A Course in Miracles –Principle 45

     Heavenly angels always communicate through the high vibration of love. Love is the most powerful emotion on Earth. The longer we are able to hold a positive thought and emotion the more powerful the energy of that emotion becomes. Love is a key ingredient needed to successfully communicate with your loving angels and guides. Love unites us to one another without qualifiers, or judgment. Love opens your heart to clear interaction with your angels and to helping other people. Tapping into the power of love and the human capacity to love is key to connection with your angels and guides. When engaged in the essence and purity of heart, miracles happen. Everyone can communicate with angels; all you need is an open mind, desire to learn, and a compassionate heart.

Angel Decoding Key # 1

Love: express love, feel love, be loved, know love, share love, reflect love, embrace love.

Defining “Angels” 

Before we delve deeper into the process of Angel Decoding let us define the term “angel” to help establish clarity, meaning and understanding. When we hear the word angel, each of us may have our own definition. Although the word angel means, “Messenger,” angels themselves, like the letters in our alphabet, appear to come in many forms, each with its own mystifying name. Typically angels are considered celestial beings that are nonphysical in nature. Many references to angels occur in the bible, for instance, when Jesus speaks of twelve legions of angels in the book of Matthews. The Jewish Canon, specifically the Book of Enoch, references seven archangels. Medieval angelology mentions nine orders of angels. Each frame of history and nation appears to have its own niche in the angel world. For the purposes of this book, I will focus specifically on several powerful archangels, guardian angels, and our departed loved ones, also referred to by many as angels.

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Chapter 2: Know your Angels


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Maria Gurney Peth 

8 thoughts on “Know your Angels

  1. I had an amazing experience connecting with my angel, and it involved my dog. Six months before the experience I had adopted a dog, Yuki, that was very similar to my childhood dog, Heidi. Following a hike in the woods she was in the back seat and I felt back to squeeze her paw. I felt an amazing sense of peace. love and remembrance of an old time when I was young. It was a special feeling.

    It’s like that moment opened something within me to accept a very special message from my angel. While I was sleeping that night, my grandma appeared to me. In my dream, I woke and she was lying next to me in the bed. The moment brought pure joy and love to me. We had a short conversation. I said with a very large smile on my face that, “it must be beautiful where you are.” She smiled and said, yes it is. I asked her to decipher an earlier dream for me and she played a little teasing joke when doing so. We both laughed. Soon she went away and I was left with the feeling of pure bliss.

    The moment was as real as it could be. I recognized her visit as pure love. I recognized her body as all of the love there is in the world, not necessarily just my grandma. She represented the love of all of my loved ones who have passed on before and even more.

    This is the second of such experiences in my life. The first occurred the morning after the day my mother died when I was seventeen. I was so pleased to have had it occur again in my life. Hopefully it will again and again. 🙂

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