Your Life Depends On It!


The soul’s purpose is grand, mysterious, unselfish and meaningful. We are often in search of this “purpose”, idealizing it as a prize. Feeling frustrated and consumed by an intangible. Often feeling lost and alone. Yet, life purpose is so much more than doing things. Life and its purpose is a journey whose main roads lead to a great human “connectiveness”.

Every one of us is graced with gifts; talent and unlimited potential and we feel driven as well as responsible to hone our greatest offerings. Frequently a meaningful life directly correlates to a sense of personal achievement and genuine happiness. Moreover, our individual contributions lack meaning and direction, if not for the opportunity to share our accomplishments and talents with one another. We are happiest, fulfilled and joyful when we have shared our individual “wonderfulness” with others.

All humans face similar challenges and struggles as we grow, live and survive. If we see ourselves as one body, one soul, one organism, we can better define our purpose to be that of contributing to one another’s survival, success and growth, so that the gargantuan human population can thrive happily as one uniform organism.

What can be more important than our relationships with one another? The genetic combination of two individuals, contribute to new birth, evidence that the existence of man begins with connectiveness. Purposeful grace will fill your life, once you realize that what matters most is to see your brother as yourself.  We are not in competition with one another, we are here to shine, love and share. Understand that you are amazing, powerful, unlimited, and truly connected to all that exists.



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