Who are the Guardian Angels?


Guardian Angels

Each of us has been blessed with our own guardian angel. I believe God shared a moment with us before birth and said, “Here is a part of me to always be with you.” These guardians then followed us into this world, promising to guide us, protect us, and encourage us on our life path. They are the essence of God light––a state of grace in our world––and they tag along with us, waiting to be called upon. We are blessed with free will––a baffling concept that allows us to choose the direction of our life at any moment––and we often stumble through life, discovering what does or does not work for us, and learning and growing along the way. Our guardian angels are bound by this decree, and they will not interfere with our free will unless it is to guard us from the dangers of an untimely death. They take their job seriously, waiting patiently until we reach out in faith and ask for help. Pray to God, and ask your angels to help you in every area of your life, for they will do so with grace and gratitude.  

(Excerpt -Angel Decoding pg. 12 –Maria Gurney Peth PhD, author)




3 thoughts on “Who are the Guardian Angels?

  1. I believe my two angels saved me, my dear husband and my best girlfriend from a severe accident as I pulled out to pass a large truck yesterday. My girlfriend said: a car, my husband in back seat said: wait, wait. There was a large white van beside me! I pulled back into my lane. Thank you angels.

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