The Symphony of Nature

The Symphony of Nature

A palpable rhythm exists in nature. If we are quiet we can hear the buzz, feel the beat of the earth’s own heart and smell the sweetness of the natural world. During the Fall, nature begins a tradition of quietly retreating. The leaves show their hidden pigments as a sign of change. The wind sings a melody of support as it whisks away the falling treasures. Ground animals scurry to stockpile their feed for the winter. Geese flap away to warmer places.

It is powerful and regenerating to spend time in nature. To focus our awareness on the natural beauty of our earth and all of her gifts, it cost but a bit of our time. With all of our distractions and techie toys, we may really need to force ourselves to appreciate the beauty and harmony of life. Spend five minutes away from all the gadgets and breathe in some fresh air, let the sun beat on your beautiful face and hear the music, the symphony of nature.

Nature is good therapy, a gift. Nature is the essence of the perfect concert, when we allow ourselves to be still, if only for five minutes of peace. Treat yourself and get outdoors for the greatest concert on earth. The sound of silence set to nature. So take your seat in the theater where inspiration can take hold in the gift of the natural world. Enjoy the Fall.

Maria Peth is a writer, teacher, certified Angel therapist & life coach…connect with her by e-mail at:


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