The Guidance Within You

Every person deserves to know and trust their inner guidance. It is easier said than done, but not impossible. Start by taking a deep breath and center yourself and your soul. A deep breath will naturally connect you to a calmer space and aid in relaxing your body. Next, move those pesky thoughts aside and feel. Our natural barometer of knowing is within us. You don’t need to go to someone or something else to get the “right” answer. Trust the way you feel about an issue or a situation. God blessed all of us with this gift of knowing, of feeling the right path. Trust and allow your feelings to give you hints on how to proceed.

How is this done? If the feeling is a nervous crazy feeling, the answer to the way you are handling an issue is probably not right. If the feeling is calm and genuine, proceed. If you feel nervous excited, this is often a sign to go ahead, but do a little more research before proceeding. If the feeling is dread, then wait before taking any action. If the feeling is one of confidence and calm, this is usually indicating that you have a green light to proceed.

Your inner guidance is usually centered in the heart or the solar plexus or both. Most people shift all decision making to their head. There is nothing wrong with using your head; but why not use your intuitive guidance as well. One can not lose when connecting with the source that connects us all. The inner guidance and intuition system is a full fledge gift from the creator. Jesus knew how to use his inner guidance and taught his followers. He teaches us still. He said,” Be still and listen”. That means you can check within and it helps if you are quiet for a few minutes. The answers will come. Sometimes the answers may take a day or two, but they will be revealed.

Lastly, when making a good decision run it through this three way check: #1 Is it good with me? #2 Is it good with God? #3 Is it good for others? If you feel like moving forward in life…just do it.  Don’t hold back!  Follow your intuitive knowing, your logic and your dreams! God blesses you with unlimited dreams and offers a path to guide you. Get on the path and rejoice!

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