Sing, for Inspiration

“Singing is an act of vibration. It takes music from the realm of the unformed and moves it from within to without.” The OM

Singing, chanting, humming, is a powerful vibrational vehicle which moves and send energy spinning throughout the body. We use our lungs, heart and mind as we embrace song. We can naturally lift our mood just by singing a joyful tune. Don’t worry about the quality of your voice, just sing. The vibrations of the lungs, throat, and sinus benefit brain activity and can bring inspiration instantly. There is a direct correlation with joyful song and the balance of our energy centers. After singing, most people report that they feel happy.

During this time of year, we can find a variety of holiday music on the radio and in stores. Join in the singing at church, go caroling with friends and families, or turn up the music at home. Let your voice bring healing and balance to your energy centers:  belt out the words to a familiar tune. Take a few minutes to let go and let the music flow!





Even if you are not a singer by nature or talent, you are not left out. If you have a voice, it is your birthright to celebrate life with song. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel you have a nice voice. Chanting or humming, singing solo or with others, your voice is yours to enjoy. Whether you sing along to the radio or use vocalization as part of your meditation time, singing and harmonizing are healing activities that bring your body’s vibrations into alignment with the universe.



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