The Season of Gifting

Giving is one thing that we can easily do regularly. For most of us it is the gift of time and friendship that is most valued. Our connection with each other brings a holy time.  Gathering hearts and purpose is greatly valued in so many places and in so many ways.

Gather for pot luck, a picnic, or birthday. Celebrate a new birth, an old one, a turkey. Congratulate a new marriage, an anniversary, even a divorce. Acknowledge a graduate, a scholar, a trophy.  Gather for a wedding shower, or a baby shower. Eat, sing, play games, dance and eat some more. We are gifting others with our presence our thoughtfulness as well as our beautifully wrapped packages and cards. Guess what each person will remember most? Unless one is very young, the actual event will linger in memory and the gift will take a back seat.

Be honest, when you think back on any gathering, what are the first thoughts that come? For me, it is the memory of family and friends joined all together. On occasion I recall the items exchanged or received, but more often it is the people that stand out in my mind. I recall the celebration for my mother’s 60th birthday. She wanted to go on a cruise, but finances didn’t materialize, so we created a cruise in my house and traveled in our imagination. We had authentic island music and dancing, food and drink, entertainment and costumes. My siblings and parents still speak fondly of that cruise and how much fun we had. Of course there were gifts, but the real gift is obvious.

I implore you, during the season of gifting, purchase endearing items for one another, but connect to it time with the receiver or giver. Take time to create a memory with one another, as you share your lives and add meaningful conversation as frosting. Oh, the conversation doesn’t really have to be meaningful; it could be carefree and funny. Albeit, share! If you can include delicious food, the memory will be sure to last a little longer. Vivid impressions are hard to erase.

Merry Holidays!

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