How to talk to your Angels


How to talk to Angels

What Is Angel Decoding?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your true purpose in life is? Or perhaps you’re trying to figure out why you keep seeing, hearing, or encountering the same numbers or symbols over and over again? Angel decoding is a method I developed to help you learn to comprehend and give meaning to the intuitive messages you receive; it is a means of angel communication.

Scientific studies show that intuition is an inherent characteristic of the human race. Learning to decode and comprehend the messages angels are conveying is an amazingly fun and easy skill. All you need is an open mind, a loving heart, a little guidance, and some practice, and you will be discerning and demystifying angelic messages in no time.

I believe angels are assigned to us at birth, when God stated to our little souls, “Here is a part of me to always to be with you.” Then the angels followed us out into this vast world, promising to support us, guide us, and encourage us whenever we asked. In faith, we are to pray to God and give all the glory to the Lord, but we are to ask the angels––God’s messengers––for help.

The angels need our permission in order to intervene on our behalf; they are bound to honor our freewill. So I say, willingly ask your angels to support you in all you do and dream of, and then the angels will have free rein to carry us through our life’s challenges, opportunities, and dilemmas.

Throughout my years, I have called on my angels to help me to make important decisions and to send healing, courage, and love to other people. I have called on them to protect my loved ones and to bring miracles to those who are open and faithful.

Every one of us can pray and set an intention for an important outcome. We are unlimited creative beings of exceptional ability. Often, learning how to tap into our abilities and talents takes a bit of coaxing. With the right circumstance, teacher, or synchronistic opportunity, we can each find ourselves encountering a new discovery about our skills and spiritual gifts. Yes, Angel Decoding TM is a skill you can learn.

I believe we are all capable of communicating with our guardian angels and soul guides. I have witnessed numerous people realize the ability of greater intuition and angel communication during my workshops, often within a few hours time. I teach that learning how to communicate with angels is similar to learning how to read.

The angels begin to help you build a glossary of symbols, impressions, awareness, and sensations. You need only to pay attention to the subtle messages. Once you learn to discern the gentle messages from your angels and guides, you will realize what an incredible gift of guidance and support your intuition can be. Living in joy, purposeful and aligned with God’s greatest intentions, is a blessing indeed!

I can hardly wait to share my first book with you! I will keep you posted.



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