Your Happiness Depends on the 4-R’s


Your Happiness Depends on the 4-R’s

Sabotaging your life again with negative thoughts? Your happiness depends on you! What we think today creates tomorrow, as thoughts are pieces to the puzzle of your life, matching up with your intentions and vibrational state of mind.

Challenges come our way and push us out of our comfort zone. You find yourself mad at your friend, boss, even the weather. One channel we can always change is our focus. It is a choice to see the blessing in a situation. It is our choice to embrace our soul lesson at any given time. Peace of mind comes from remembering you are in charge of your life.

The four “R’s” to happy thinking will wipe away negative life sucking thoughts and balance your internal dialogue. The outcome? To rebooting the happiness quotient and award you with your life’s desires.

Refute: Be aware of the words rumbling around in your head and refute the negative messages. Example: “I will never lose this extra weight!” Stop! Cancel! Say no, to such nonsense.

Reframe: Hit the refresh button and reframe your thoughts. Example: “Every day, I am closer to my weight loss goal.” When we reframe, we move to a positive intention, which is in alignment with a better self-image.  Support your life with, Positive Puzzle Pieces; the whole picture will come together with each positive piece.

Refuse: In a moment of anguish we find the negative message creeping in again. Refuse access; see how ridiculous and self-deprecating, useless and irrational this negative mumbo jumbo is and shoo it away, again and again. Persevere!

Replace: Bring on the kindest thoughts to the person you can affect the most, yourself. Affirm: “I love and accept myself.” “I am in charge of my happiness.” “The best times of my life are here!” “It’s been a rough week, but I made it through.” A prayer is an excellent replacement for worrisome thoughts: “Lord, help me drive home safely through this storm. I know you are with me, protecting and guiding me.”

Our conscious mind is our creative partner; so feed your mind, heart and soul the best and healthiest of images. Practice: Refute, refresh, refuse, replace.

168114_1553214671664_1274071775_31228630_6131463_n Maria Gurney Peth PhD


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