How to listen to your Guardian Angels

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  • How to listen to your Guardian Angels
  • Communicating with angels is a daily occurrence for me. In my book, “Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels”, I share numerous methods you can use to do the same. The angels tell me that I need to help more of you understand how to hear, see, know and feel the presence of heavenly support.

    Communicating with your angels can make your life and the lives of those around you better, easier, and definitely happier. An easy way to start is simply to pray first thing in the morning. A prayer invites your spiritual helpers into your life. The law of “Free Will” dictates Angels can only provide support to us if we give them permission. Start your day with a prayer.

                “Sweet loving angels, I welcome you into my day in every way.”

    Now you’re talking and the angels are listening. At this moment as I’m writing I can feel the joy from the angelic realm, as most of our angels have been waiting years for permission to come into your life and to bring heavenly miracles throughout your day.

    Yes, it is this easy to begin. Now go about your day with one slight difference –expect a miracle, embrace gratitude and notice the still small voice of angels speaking to your soul.

    I witness miracles everyday. They are our divine right and I have learned to thank God for all of them. As a result of my positive intention, my days are blessed with the grace of God and the magic of heavenly angels and so can your day’s offer the same if you set the intention and then pay attention.


  • Maria Peth is an author, spiritual teacher, angel therapist, and intuitive life coach. 

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