Seeing Angels


When I was quite young and living in Brazil, I didn’t have a lot of toys, and the only books in the apartment were filled with words, not pictures. So, unknowingly, I entertained angels to pass the time. 

In reflection, it seems so natural that I played with the gentle, colored lights which visited me almost daily. Young and unassuming, I enjoyed hours of graceful company with beautiful rays of light. I distinctly remember a deeper communication and a sense of suspended time as I played with the angelic clouds. 

You too may have already entertained angels unawares. If you played with an imaginary friend when you were young, you were most liking being visiting by your guardian angels. If you dream while sleeping or daydream while awake, you are exercising your clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyance means, “clear sight” or “clear seeing”. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Psychology) It describes seeing spiritual forms as if they were physically present or receiving a visual impression in the mind’s eye, similar to what we experience in a dream state. When we dream, our eyes are closed, and we see within our mind as opposed to using visual sight. 

Quiet mediation can enhance your abilities for and your awareness of the clairvoyant impressions in your life and life around you. Often, a regular mediative practice allows you to relax enough to move from the demanding world around you and into an open subconscious and less conspicuous mind. 

Spiritual energy can easily appear as sparkly lights that flash and disappear or the apparent emergence of a person/presence out of the corner of your eye. When you see these gentle lights, be aware of who comes to mind. If a loved one who has crossed over into the heavenly realms comes to mind, it is very likely an indication that they are around you. Another way in which our deceased loved ones communicate with us is by placing objects such as feathers, coins, photographs and jewelry in places where we will notice. These are clear visual signs from beyond. 

It is totally safe and completely acceptable for you to ask your angels to help you feel more confident and capable of seeing signs of love and guidance. Ask them to pave the way, to remove any unwarranted fears and to support positive experiences. You are always in charge, so don’t worry that you will start seeing things at every turn. You can control your extrasensory sight as needed like flipping a switch on and off. 

Your abilities will most likely build as you grow spiritually. Remember that in order to see God’s loving messages, we must first feel love and genuinely want the same for others. As compassion and generosity grow within you, so will your abilities. 

Affirm: “I am clairvoyant”. And so it is! 


Maria Peth is the author of Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels. Available wherever books are sold. Author website:  


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