The Lenten Promise, Give up or Clean up?


The Lenten Promise  Give up or Clean up?

In less than a week we will embark on the spiritual cleansing practice of Lent. Forty days of clearing the mind, body and soul. The Lord has much hope for each of us and when we are of clear mind, body and soul we can heed the call more clearly. Is Lent really about giving something up or rather about spiritual renewal?

What did Jesus do? Jesus retreated into the desert for 40 days of prayer. Into the wilderness went Christ to wrestle with the human condition and renew his soul.  They say he came out of the desert a changed man. We can learn from his journey, if we can align with compassion and commit to spiritual revival. 

  1. Clean up your soul, find the peace with in. Take time to deep breathe, pray, meditate, and sing praises.
  2. Give up judgment. Just do it!
  3. Commit to lovingly moving your body in dance, walking, jogging, yoga, or similar activity for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Maintain a clean eating regiment, embellish in organic fruits and veggies, and lean proteins.
  5. Give up complaining. Keep your mouth shut and keep the peace with patience and compliments.
  6. Clean up your environment, whether it’s your body, home, work or play area.
  7. Give up drama! Don’t get drawn in, don’t indulge, and don’t worry. Instead give the drama and give all the worry to God, as you replace it with a prayer.
  8. Indulge in family time, friendly talks, inspirational material, and loving gestures of kindness to others.
  9. Give up self-criticism and instead fill your soul with affirmations.
  10. End everyday with gratitude and grace.

 What will you do? What resonates with you as truth and has the highest vibration of self-love?  Above all, commit to a better newly revitalized you

 By Maria Gurney Peth PhD

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