Children Lead us in Faith


Children Can Lead us in Faith.

It has been a good week of steady sessions with wonderful people who are interested in what the angels have to say to them. My favorite session this week was with a young lady and her parents. The angels told me she is a very special child who is learning to trust her own spiritual gifts.

When she came in, she told me has been seeing angels around herself and others. Usually the experiences happen when she has quieted down for the day and is in bed. Mostly the angels are praying for others, quietly and lovingly supporting them.

This is what I see, feel and know too. Our angels surround us, support us and embrace our essence with love. Angels have been saying that many more children as well as adults who are open will be able to experience their loving support. Angelic energy is gentle, subtle and positive. There is nothing to fear or worry about with angel communication as they are only interested in providing us with that which is for our highest and greatest good.

Maria Gurney Peth Ph.D is a Social Psychologist, author and educator, who has helped thousands of people learn to live a vibrant intuitive life, improve relationships, and embrace their spirituality. She has become an innovator in the field of consciousness, spiritual empowerment, positivity and angel communication -offering workshops, book talks, angel readings and life affirming retreats.   

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