A day in Humanity -12-13-14


Today’s date hails a sequential synchronicity of 12-13-14. The last of it’s kind in this century. According to our calendar, the next sequential date will arrive in 89 years, predicted to birth on 01-02-03. This is a fun fact, a day in the life of humanity and the ever expanding Universe. Our calendar accounts and measures our days, however does not capture our full experience here on the Earth.

As I see it, the mass consciousness of humanity and our entwining relationships bear a grander leverage. Today we are one, we are love, we are family, we are hope, joy, success, inspiration, accountability, and miracles; regardless of the date.

Today I am reminded to be in the present moment to secure in my heart and mind the allegorical element of this space. Today I count my blessings as the seconds graciously unfold. With my heart full of gratitude, I embrace today for it is truly immeasurable, grateful to be a part of the human race.

We humans are an eclectic family. Like the individual cells of an organism we are the organisms of our planet, each with a role to fill, collaborating militantly. Creating and experiencing as a unit. How effective we are is linked to our ability to expand on a conscious and organic level. As each of us awakens to our potential we establish new systems for our continued harmony with the greater community.

As an individual it is imperative to fill your cup, your soul, bask in the present and resonate with love as you inspire your brother and sister to do the same. Include your neighbor in order to be one at heart, in soul and in sequence. When we are aligned with the conscious of truth and love, we are timeless and eternal. Honor today for the love of mathematical reality, yet join with one another for peace and the harmony of humanity.

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