Forgiveness Sets You Free!


The most misunderstood concept for many of the clients whom I see as a life and soul coach, is the idea of forgiveness.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the transgression against you.
Forgiveness does not mean you are giving in.
Forgiveness does not mean you let the bully win.
Forgiveness does not mean you stop talking to the other party.
Instead, forgiveness sets you free, and you deserve to be free from the suffering of resentment.

Giving your worries and problems to God is as easy as taking a deep cleansing breath. Granted, you may need to do the following exercise multiple times a day, a week or over the course of months, until you have mastered the art of releasing resentment and troubling thoughts more effeciently. Personally I love the idea that a shift in consciousness will transmute a limiting belief or a painful emotion, to be replaced with self-confidence and peace.

Forgiveness strategy:
Take several deep breaths and as you breathe perceive that you are free from the chains of the past. Imagine that you are cutting the chains and the cords of pain and releasing all resentment along with your breath. Keep breathing and releasing as you go through a mental list of any and all transgressions which are blocking you from being truly happy. See yourself confident and strong as you replace all negative images with new impressions of a free and positive you. See that you are clear and free from old patterns and ideas that no longer serve you.

As an added measure to assure a shift in consciousness toward peace and abundance, imagine that you confidently smile and amicably reconnect with all those whom you have forgiven. They have no hold on you and you are free to embrace the abundance of life around you.

It is said that the act of forgiving is the greatest revenge, for then you are truly free from the old chains of pain and the past truly has no hold on you. Remember, forgiving is for the forgiver.

Maria Peth PhD, is an author, spiritual teacher, social psychologist, life and Soul Coach, and Angel Decoding Practitioner. Maria’s individual sessions offer: Inspiration for the Soul, and Guidance for your Life.

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