Dreams Made Manifest


I was six years old when I took my first flight in an airplane. It was the only way I could join my new family in America. Having spent the first years of my life in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a treasured memory. In my early toddler years I was cared for and dearly loved by my grandmother and aunt Jeny, as my mother explored new possibilities in the United States.

Mom had dreamed she would find a new life in America. At twenty four years old, she courageously left all she knew to be safe and comfortable, in search of a promise for a better life. For several years, Mom worked during the day, saved her money, studied English as a second language in night school,and then set flight for the States. Our Brazilian family believed in her destiny and encouraged her to follow her heart. I love this about my mother’s family, so full of optimism and foresight.

Dreams? Do you have one, two or maybe a whole bucket list? Who has dreams when life seems dismal, when fears freeze the limelight, when we don’t have the money, when time is given to the glorification of busy? Dreaming big, for some – is believed to be something relegated to the fortunate, the lucky, or the rich. Back in the early 1960’s my mother’s family lacked all this, yet their genuine support and encouragement was the main catalyst for my mother’s brave new journey and success.

Slowly, steady with patience and determination, each of us can achieve anything we truly desire. Mom landed in Chicago in the early 1960’s with just enough money for a room at the local YMCA for a couple weeks and a few meals. Early on she found work with a Brazilian family as a live-in nanny. This family was very good to her, with their support she eventually landed a great job with Rotary International as a highly respected secretary, sighting her bilingual skills and typing speed as major assets. She spent several years training, recruiting other Brazilians and making a new life.

Then she had another dream. She wanted a family and she wanted me to join her in America. She realized there was no going back to her life in Brazil. In the United States she was in charge of her life. Her confidence built when each call back home was met with more encouragement and celebration for her success. During one of those calls, she promised to find a loving father for me and said she would come back for me as soon as she did. She met him, and he found her, his story so very similar to hers, yet he had come to the land of plenty from the United Kingdom, as the British are so fond of stating. I’ll have to save his story for another time, yet I am excited to be hosting: Maria’s Wisdom Within -England, this coming October 17th, through the 24th. One of my dreams, made manifest!

*Our dreams and ambitions usually begin with a thought. Perhaps a wild idea at first, until we formulate a solid belief around the concepts and begin to see our efforts formulate and grow into possibilities. Next we fill in the spaces of belief with daily work and diligent focus. Don’t let anyone steal your dream, is excellent advice. The magic happens as we begin to open our heart, confidentially stepping into our courage, expanding our abilities, our imagination and then finally claim our dream.

Always, always believe in your capabilities and then create opportunities as you design a wonderful life for yourself and those you love. I learned to dream, and make manifest my dreams from my first teacher, my beautiful mother.

Connect with: Author, Spiritual Teacher, Life and Soul Coach – Maria Peth

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