Grief, A Path of Healing

Recently I experienced a breaking point, a spiritual unfoldment. I was definitely challenged to the depth of my soul.

My father was diagnosed with cancer. We made a plan to bring him closer to myself and my siblings, so we could support his treatment while giving our mother a safe haven from worry and caregiving. Then, suddenly he was on his death bed and died before any of us could catch our breath.

The entire experience challenged all areas of my life, as if a cruel teacher wanted to put me through the toughest test just to prove a point or to awaken me to a new level of clarity. The entire experience has been difficult and exhausting. The nagging truth that nothing will ever bring my cherished father back from the dead, deeply bruises and injures the heart and soul. Yet through this indescribably difficult time of grief, an opportunity to rise above and move past my own misery has shed new light toward new levels of understanding, strength and determination I can offer to others.

For the hundreds, if not thousands of clients whom I have had the privilege to work with, I find I now have direct empathy, which seems to magnify my spiritual gifts and angelic communication. On some unmeasured plane, I find my gifts have taken a leap, or rather an ascension. Through the intensity of grief, there is a limelight as I work with others whom too are searching for answers in unknown realms.

As for improved strength and determination, I find this experience -did not break me. Somehow, as all of us experience in our own time, we remain basically where our dearly departed have left us. We go on, forever changed internally with new appreciation for what was and determined to persevere. I am certain the healing and grief will continue to unfold and ebb and flow with the intensity of a storm, for I have discovered grief is traitorous path.

If you find yourself rattled by death, please reach for help and lots of hugs. I have found that even with my many strategies for dealing with difficult circumstances, the best help is in the arms of those who love us dearly, unconditionally and show up to help us cope.

All my love,

Maria Peth PhD – Angel Decoding Communicator, Social Psychologist, Life Coach. Join us in Sedona this spring for A Soulful Journey, Retreat in Sedona, AZ!

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5 thoughts on “Grief, A Path of Healing

  1. I agree with your saying that “Grief is a traitorous path.” I have lost both of my parents in the last year. I was almost consumed. I felt lost and angry. With the help of loved ones and coming to terms with the knowledge that I will one day get to be with them again. I have started the healing process. Which I believe is a lifetime journey. This is something that is a part of you and how you deal with it almost changes day by day for me, It is a personal journey that only you can take. I will be fine and in a good mood and will get hit with a sight, sound, or smell that will bring it crashing back to me. I also believe Maria like you were saying the more love and light you surround yourself in the better.

  2. My deepest condolences. I too have lost my father in this way. We also lost mom last year in another tragic way. Very quickly. It has torn us apart. We had a reading with our mom and you years ago. It was awesome. I pray my sister Annette seeks out a reading. Sending you hugs and love from Colorado.

  3. I am so sorry, Maria for your loss, and the grief that cuts such a swath through our lives. Cherish your memories, and reach for many hugs.
    Be well, my friend and let God bring comfort to your heart.

  4. Dearest Maria you have my heart felt sympathy in your Father’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. As you make your journey through the grief and healing hold onto the Wisdom Within and listen to your Heart for it knows the Way! Sending much Love and Hugs your kayak buddy! Barbara Dingel

  5. Your soul intimately walked with your dad’s soul on his journey back to God. You are profoundly changed on a spiritual level once you have intimately help someone cross over. Yes, gifts are heightened and clearer for that veil that defines the transition never fully closes. Blessings to you as you continue onward in your life’s journey for he is very much with you. You are so loved. ❤

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