Enhance your Life, Expand your Tribe!


Enhance your Life -Expand your Tribe!

As I review this past year, I consider myself extremely lucky to have a growing circle of family, friends and professional connections. The month of November was especially challenging for me as my family navigated through the untimely death of my father. The outpouring of support, condolences, homemade soups and warm hugs, made this difficult time more palpable. I cannot imagine how lonely and dismal it would be to experience the death of a significant person in one’s life without the support of community.

Tribe matters! Countless studies show how people with satisfying relationships are happier and healthier. Positive social connection gives pleasure and quality to our lives.The power of a community of like minded people to influence our lives and aid in our thriving success is without exception -Life Saving! The tribe doesn’t have to be large, as quality of the relationships and a balance of giving and receiving, out weigh quantity.

The more we enhance our experiences in our lives and invite the evolution of our soul and the ascension of our energy the more alive and engaged are we in Mind, Body and Spirit. For the coming year, consider your personal, social and community engagements and take time to nurture your relationships with others. Set an intention of creating an uplifting and inspirational soul tribe. Keep an open mind and heart as you challenge yourself to stretch a bit each day, inviting those whom are resonating with you to learn and share in your life. A simple call, a chat over tea, a genuine hug, even a comment on FaceBook, is an expression of caring. Take a few minutes, an hour, day, a week or a lifetime and keep the magic of connecting and expanding your love either deeper or wider.

During the holidays, many of us gather with family and friends in religious, community, and workplace activities, it is a perfect time to set an intention of seeking out your soul tribe to fill your cup, your life, your energy.

Maria Gurney Peth Phd is a social psychologist, published author and phenomenal Angel communicator. Book a personal session www.MariaPeth.com

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