Soul Journey

“Soul journey” Soul collage by Lacey Boles Our soul came to earth with a mission. Each incarnated life you take on is specifically tailored, and created by you, your highest soulself. D… Source: Soul Journey

Facing Fear

To live a life of health, wealth, love and joy, you need to move past the enemy. Fear is a menacing force if you allow it to creep into your precious life. In my former career as a high school teacher, I recall using a short story where “Fear” was personified. “Fear knocked at my… Read More Facing Fear

Three Loving Lessons

Three Loving Lessons By Maria Gurney Peth PhD Relationship chemistry draws us together, yet what is it that keeps two people weathering the twists and turns of this fickle life? Relationship experts point to various angles and characteristics of successful partnerships, however with more than 30 years of experience in my own marriage, I offer… Read More Three Loving Lessons